Baby Soft Play Area


Baby-Soft-Play – The Baby play area is for the 6 Month to 4 Year old age range with it’s assortment of toys and Baby Gyms down to the ride on whirlees and animal hopperz, it is the ideal play area for this age range.

Ideal for any location only 3.5 M x 3.5M this play area will fit into any venue.

The Baby play area has been the star attraction at many Birthday parties right across Leicester, Derby,and Burton on Trent. The children are happy playing with minimal supervision from parents, and because it is an open play area, should rapid intervention by Mum or Dad be necessary there are no barriers to climb over. But please, please Mums kick off those heals first. Thank you.

If you have older children attending why not consider a Bouncy Castle to go with the play area.

When booked with any Play area the Castle is only £40 Extra !

To Book Call 07909 757 059 or click this link to Email us

Soft Play Hire Nottingham

Surface Suitable

  • Indoor on Hard Surface (OK)
  • Indoor on Artificial Grass (X)
  • Outdoor on Grass (OK)
  • Outdoor on Artificial Grass (X)
  • Outdoor on Grass (event) (X)

    What you Get

12ft x 12ft (3.6M x 3.6M) Safety matted area

Ball pool

12 Smaller Shapes

Assortment of 20 cars, airplanes, Pull Along toys, pianos, and more

  • 2 Hopperz
  • 2 Rockers
  • 2 VTeck walkers
  • 4 Whirlees
  • 2 Baby Gyms

So plenty there to entertain the kids.Some of the play equipment will need Mum or Dad to help but most will find out how to do thing without too much help. You will need to keep an eye on them but you don’t have to stand over them, the Soft play area can usually be seen from all around the room.